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The Association of Innovative Minds (AIM Aarhus) was officially launched in January 2019.


However, the first steps were taken much earlier in 2018, when Pernille Nørgaard Boris teamed up with Søren Andersen and Nikolaj Fabricius Stryhn at an event by BSS Career called ‘Pursuing Entrepreneurship’. Throughout the fall of 2018, the foundation to what became AIM was molded with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and innovation at its core, capturing both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. A dedicated crowd of fellow students joined the three to officially constitute the first executive board of AIM in the fall of 2018.


At the time more than one hundred official student unions were associated with Aarhus University, offering the students with tools and insights into major corporations facilitating both educational and social events. However, of the hundred, no association had dedicated itself to crossing the faculties boarders of Aarhus University and bringing students of different disciplines together.

In line with the values behind ‘Pursuing Entrepreneurship’, AIM has since its beginning encouraged students to act entrepreneurial, challenge the status quo and stay curious. Since its beginning, the activities of the association have been focused on delivering value to the members with a focus on 1. Innovation – Daring to Think Different, 2. Execution – Acting outlives Talking, and 3. Networking – From Dependence to Interdependence.​

The organization behind AIM and its partners continuously invest their efforts in actively engaging students of Aarhus University with interest in the innovation, with an objective to cultivate the students’ innovative mindset and act as a compliment to the members' ongoing education with skills, tools, and insights necessary to execute on the ideas. 


These are only a handful of the features that have been developed since January 2019 and we look forward to continuing being a valued partner for the students at Aarhus University. 


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Nominated to Union of the Year 2020
Aug 2019
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Jul 2019
Admitted to Y Combinator Startup School
Jun 2019
Winner of Ørsted Innovation Award 2019
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Here you will find an overview of our former executive board members who has made AIM what it is today