Driving Innovation with Pond12 (ONLINE)

Does the constant pursuit of Innovation spark your curiosity? Add a hint of sustainability and voila! AIM welcomes you to our first webinar for the spring semester of 2021.
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Driving Innovation with Pond12 (ONLINE)


10 Mar, 16:00 – 17:00 CET


The event ‘Driving Innovation’ will present the innovation thought process along with the entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Kristian Kolding, CEO of Pond 12 which is one of the most impact driven startups within the domains of circular economy and sustainable development. 


You must have heard the phrase, “One man’s trash is another mans treasure.” Working with their customers to upcycle resources, the company supports the shift towards a circular economy by eliminating waste throughout the value cycle and utilizing existing resources to the fullest. 

 Kristian will be sharing his thoughts on driving innovation in the startup environment by focussing on bioplastics as an innovative case for sustainability. The event will also include his tips and advice for future entrepreneurs along with a mental toolbox of models, principles and methods to guide you in the art of thinking out of the box.

About Kristian Kristian holds a master's degree in business economics and commercial law from AU-BSS. He has worked at Lind Invest, PanzerGlass, Delta Capital and is now the CEO of Pond 12 Biomaterials. Kristian's diverse background from working in finance, energy, and retail has provided him with a large toolbox for using mental models, developing life & work principles, and becoming comfortable in contrarian thinking. Furthermore, Kristian has an active involvement in several entrepreneurial activities, such as being a judge and mentor in Venture Cup Denmark, board member of ‘Innovation Board for Materials’ as well as a  prominent member of ‘Sustainable Change Makers’.

About Pond 12 Pond 12 is a Danish startup based near Aarhus, driving innovation through biobased plastic production and embracing sustainability as its core value. The company supplies sustainable raw materials and masterbatches in diverse segments such as furniture, mobile accessories, multi-use tableware, and 3D printing. They strive to become the benchmark for sustainability in biomaterials by eliminating the disastrous use of fossil-based plastic by enabling producers and brands to create value from waste by upcycling side streams from their production.

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