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WHo we ARE

Food eHub is the entrepreneurship incubator for students at Aarhus University, who wants to create business’ in the Agro or Food areas. We welcome everyone who wants to work on solving problems, in new concrete and tangible ways. If you have the interest and motivation to work with Agro & Food innovation, from an idea you have, or be it from the interest of wanting to work with the challenges that face the world from 2050, we can help you find areas that match your strengths and interests. Organizationally we are organized out of the Department of Food science at Aarhus University. Follow us on Facebook or just book a meeting with us – we welcome coffee meetings and a good chat.

what we do

Food eHub helps you, as a student at Aarhus University, as your sparring partner, and business development process adviser. We know that when you decide to make a startup in the highly regulated areas of Agroculture and Food, knowledge and a strong network of people with deep insights, can make the difference in order to become successful. This is wat Food eHub can provide you. We also give you access to our researcher mentor network, and we advise you to get a mentor from our industry network. In addition we can help you to get access to a laboratory, and we are part of Agro Food Park, one of Europe’s best Agro and Food hubs for business development, located in Skejby, in Aarhus. You can even get a working desk there. Soo reach out, and let us meet.

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