Sustainability and Food Workshop

April 2019
Sustainability and Food Workshop

🌍 FN estimates that by 2050 we will be too many people in the world, with too little food. We will need new ways of thinking food, making food, packaging and eating food. But where do we begin? 🌍

As a start-up factory at Aarhus University, we at Food eHub spot, train and nurture new talent within the food and agriculture industry. If you have an idea, we have all the expertise you need to realize your idea, and start a business. 🌱🌱

Therefore, we are happy to invite you to our last workshop this semester. Our main focus is you, the students, and through presentations and brainstorming, we aim to engage and educate you in the challenges as well as possibilities the food and agricultural industry presents. 🍎💪

The program is as follows:
17:00-17:05: Welcome
17:05-17:30: Introduction to Food eHub w. Anders Günzel-Jensen
17:30-18:00: Presentations from two of our start-ups
18:00-18:15: Food Sr.scientist Martin Jensen introduces the workshop
18:15-18:45: Food and refreshments
18:45-19:45: Workshop and brainstorm
19:45:20:00: Wrap up and goodbye

The world needs new ideas if we are to feed everyone without depleting our natural resources and damage the environment. We need you to help generate these ideas!
We look forward to seeing you! All students are welcome!🙌

We will be serving snacks, drinks and sandwiches. To make sure you get a sandwich, click "going" on this event.